Established in 1990, Madera Ag Supply Inc. is locally owned and operated. Madera Ag started out selling ag related products exclusively to larger growers in California’s Central Valley. As the business grew, Madera Ag developed more relationships with manufactures to expand the product selection and to ensure the best possible prices. In the process, the majority of the company’s customer base has grown to include labor contractors and growers of all sizes. Madera Ag has continued introducing new product lines and services for its customers while maintaining a high level of quality and customer service. This, combined with highly competitive prices, has created an expectation from its customers to find the best deals at Madera Ag Supply. As this reputation has spread by word-of-mouth, the company has enjoyed continued growth.

Having outgrown its first location, Madera Ag is now conveniently located near Highway 99 and Avenue 17 in Madera, California.